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Her Untold stories

Have you seen the darkness that filled her face?
The tears that trickled down Her eyes,
She looked pale and frightened,
As if her whole world had crumbled,
She felt lonely amidst the people that surrounded her,
Every courage she built,
Crumbled into pieces,
She never expressed Her feelings,
Because she wasn’t optimistic about being received
So, she kept Her feelings from the world,
And that was how she fell into trance,
Completely oblivious of her surroundings.

Did she tell you the stories that roamed her mind?
Nay, she never told anyone,
Because if she told you her story,
She would critize her self until tomorrow,
And that’s how she kept Her stories to herself,
For fear of being judged by human.

Did she tell you she craved for light?
A light that would transform her whole being into a living being
A light that would shine across her face,
And bring her out of her trance.

And there came the light,
In the middle of the night,
It shone through the curtains of her room,
Opening to see through,
She found the moonlight shinning as brightly as ever,
Bringing her out of her trance.

There did she realised how ungrateful she had been,
Towards the one who created her being,
And that moment, she went into Sujood,
The tears finding their ways down from her eyes,
She let the light fill her soul,
The moment she called upon Ar-Rahman.

Did she tell you she became the light,
She felt Peace within,
Gratitude to her Lord.
For the nature,
And the creatures.

Author: Habibat Adewole

Tags : Olympictravel

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