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You can spice your home

As-salaam alaykum wa rahmatullah!

Have you ever just gotten tired of seeing your home without colors, yet not knowing how to bring life into it? I have often heard people complain about the cost of keeping the home elegant, stylish and super cozy but what we don’t know is that the everyday packages we dispose can be recycled into beautiful home crafts that will brand our homes.

Okay, you may have to buy a few craft materials to spice up what you have a little, but they are generally cheap and consumes less time when compared to the usual interior designs. They will sure give your home a cheeky and cherry look, bi-ithniLlah, and you will become more confident with your guests, in shaa Allah.

That said, let’s take a quick look as some of the easy hands-on projects you can work on, TODAY!

Print out arts:

One of the best ways to keep your home cozy is to never leave the entire walls empty or plain! Na’am, I said that. Those walls in your home can add an amazing beauty effect to an otherwise plain room. With a light touch of craft, using your favorite inanimate pictures digitally enlarged, you can achieve this and more! And it is simple!

Quick tips:

  • Surf through the internet for desired inanimate images.
  • Print out with high resolute printer to get the colors right.
  • Get a frame and get it encased in it
  • Hang strategically on your walls.

Instead of buying a frame, you could create yours by opting for strips of wood at the top, bottom ends and sides, as a quick frame.

Pendant lights

Have you got some nesting bowl you simply don’t know how to put to use?

Here’s a good thing to do with it. It can be finished under an hour. You can use a set of nesting bowl to accessorize your dining table. All you need is some nesting bowl, lamp holders, a light bulb and light cord.

Step one: Drill a hole through the middle of the bottom of your nestling bowl. The nesting bowl should be turn upside down.

Next: Affix your light cord to the already existing light cord to suspend it to your desired length. Pass your light cord through it.

Next: Fix your lamp holder to the light cord then insert your bulb.

There you are!

If you desire a color mix, you may use different colors of nesting bowls and light bulbs.

Storage boxes

Do you know that those large cartons of used items you dispose everyday can be converted to storage boxes for home use? The box can be beautified into a fancy storage box by decorating it with, fabrics, wallpapers, colorful buttons, sequencing materials, comic books, paper garlands or newspapers. How?

Quick tips:

  • Cut the decorating materials into beautiful shapes
  • Glue to the box to give a lovely storage box based on your taste.

Quite easy right? Give it a try. They can be used as miscellaneous safe, book store or library. Ensure it is not kept on bare floor and it must be frequently fumigated.

BarakaAllahu feekum, was-salaam alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakaatuh.

Author: Haulat Ozigis

Editor: Umm Naml

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