In a dark tunnel,
I run,
Searching for a light,
To find my way out.

My body feels weary
My soul, heavy
Yet as I strive for a right path,
Off my dungeon

Ahead of me, a hoard of gold
Glittering, a snow palace
Like a greedy snail,
I move to unveil,
Lost in ecstasy,
The love of a jewel mound

While I’m searching through day’s sweat
And through night’s breath
For what eludes me
behold time’s flight;
Is this really the end of me?

My chest becomes tight,
My heart beats fast,
My soul is broken,
And bruised…
Ploughed by pain.

The place becomes dark,
The gold disappears,
An illusion, they were
In the tunnel, I am still
Searching for a healer’s light.

Though hope is a far cry;
From where would light hail?
With broken pieces of me,
Crawled through darkness’ teeth,
Perhaps, just perhaps…

And there it stands,
A twilight…

A soft glowing light,
Elevates my spirit,
Cajoles my soul to surrender…

Finally, I find a light,
To guide me through
A journey
From my Lord
To my Lord.

Author: Salimat Bakare

Editor: Umm Naml

Tags : accessoriestipstravel

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