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Elusive Happiness

Elusive Happiness.

She thought that marriage meant a life of happily ever after, so she got married. A decade and five children later, she just couldn’t find the happiness.

Where is happiness hiding, where can it be found? Just where does it live?

Is there an ATM that can dispense happiness? An online quick fix to set your heart aright? A website from where it could be downloaded straight to your heart?

Perhaps Google had the answer? Or a book? Books contained rare gems and treasures. There was probably a book somewhere where the secret ingredient to happiness could be found.

And so she read, did her research


Signed up, and took lessons.

Yet happiness refused to show up.

The years went on, with her still brooding, with an ever scowling face. Did her chores with a heavy heart. Went about her daily routine mindlessly, from dawn to dusk, in an ever angry demeanour.

Drained, she turned to her Lord, in prayers. Beseeching, begging, imploring, asking for a change.

She was broken, and tired of being broken.

And then Reality came to her. A profound yet obvious simple truth. She realized, after many wasted years;


Found inside you, but only when you truly submit to Allah. For verily in the rememberance of Allah do hearts find tranquility.

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