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Hold! Is it greed I perceive?


Your groan is carved on a rock
Bare for the world to see
The coat you are enshrouded
Proclaims fear and shame
Nay! Not yours by right
Your sole garb is white

The one that stares you down
To whom you bow for fame
Hasn’t a penny to give
In circles of talented mates
How then is your head so bent?
Where is the vicious loner
Who bore marks of earthly pride
The one with the formidable gaits
From whom cowardice would flee?
Neither taken in by gains nor by pains?

Have your honor gone on a leave?
Hold, is it greed I perceive?

Just once, again be untamed
Mingle, frolic and even linger a bit
But don’t, nay, not even so little,
dance to the beats of a mad man’s roar!

Allah has honored you. Do not be deceived by the glitters of the ones you think are above you. They will seduce you until you forget yourself. In that moment of forgetfulness, many things may happen; one of which is the visit of malakul-mawt.

Bow to only Allah and not your greed. Never the rich cronies in your community. Never your desires.

Umm Naml

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