In the dark of night
Whispers in my heart
Tried to look away
But caught in its ray

Kiraman kaatibin
Ready with the pen
Yet the soul is lost
Heedless in its quest

The yearning heart in angst
Blind in its dire thirst
Trails the enthralling feast
A fleeting bliss unknows’t

In a garden filled with daisy,
The rose is hazy
Withered by harsh weather
Feels like a heather

Or like a wild rose
Torn from within
Slowly but surely…

Heralding each day is
A slice of mirage joy
Simple, elusive pleasures
Leaves it decayed

But every night
As the eyes shut
The heart yearns
To meet its Lord

In and out
Is the Battle within
Seeking His pleasure
Hoping for the best

Stanzas one and two by Umm Naml
Stanza three by Habeebah
Stanza Four by Salimah Bakare
Stanza Five by Intisar Abubakar
Stanza Six by saubırin yusuf Abdulsatar
Stanza Seven by Umm Bilaal
Stanza Eight by Zulaikha bint Abdis-Samiu

Editor: Umm Naml


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