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Do you find yourself wondering how to make your little girl understand that that conservative meal in her lunch box is better than the sumptuous looking meal in her bestfriend’s lunch box?


Does it bother you that he/she is dim witted and cowers out on the littlest challenges? Or maybe he/she lacks the zeal to push on with determination when among challenging peers?

Guess what? We have the solutions for you, Alhamdulillah!

Umm Naml Reads presents a double surprise package, The Penguin and The Hummingbird and Doodoo’s Flight Plight, short story books designed for ages 3 – 11

Rich contents embeded with deep Islamic teachings

Captivating graphics for easy understanding

Captivating rhythmic text (for the higher grades)

Simple, deen related poems

Rich and simple hadith/quranic quotes, easy to memorize

Self-test: morals and application exercise

Coloring exercise (for the lower grades)

Book Launch Coming Soonest Inshaa’aAllaah!

For more information, kindly contact 09037702357 or email us at ummnamlreads@gmail.comIf you are interested in purchasing the books, kindly click the link below to follow up:

And please, don’t forget to help us spread the word!

As-salaam alaikum wa BarakaAllahu feekum


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