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Assalamu alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu Readers. I hope you all are overflowing with happiness. Today I am going to teach something that is fun and relaxing. I bet you all wouldn’t be able to guess what it is. No? I thought so. (lol)

Anyways a friend of mine texted me and asked, “Salimah, there are three parts of the Qur’an I am currently reciting. But there is only one Qur’an divider (bookmark). How do I mark the other two places?”

This question was one of the hardest I have ever been asked (my final exam question was not as hard as this, no joke), and it put me in a serious dilemma. If you know me, you would know that I love trying to solve people’s problems to the best of my ability. And if you don’t, now you do (wink)

Okay, where was I? (thinking…) Got it! I wanted to solve my friend’s bookmark problem. Let me continue. So, I began to ask around and fortunately, I got a solution through a friend. My friend sent me a DIY video of how to make a personalized Qur’an (book) mark. I won’t post the video, but I will give a detailed description of it below.
I hope you are still with me because we’ll be jumping right into it now.

Items needed
• A sheet of paper (the artistic type)
• A pair of scissors (optional)
• Your hands (Duh!)
I don’t know about you, but I am excited!

How to get started.
1. Make sure the shape of the paper is a square.


2. Take one end of the paper and fold to the other end making a triangle with sides A, B, C. (Make sure that the edges neatly overlap and trim off any excesses)


3. Fold the two opposite sides (B and C) of the triangle to the third side (A) to form a perfect square

Square  – Triangle – Square


4. Open the two folded parts to reverse back to a triangular form.

5. Open one piece of the third end (A) of the triangle and fold it in. This folded part would be A1. There would still be an unfolded part left which we’ll call A2


6. Fold the other two ends (B and C) into the third end (A1) to form a pocket.


7. Then take the unfolded part of the third end A2 (the last man standing) and fold it in to complete the pocket. There you have it! Your Qur’an (book) mark.


Easy right? Now get cutting and folding to make that book mark. Baarakallahu feekum!

Author: Salimah Bakare.

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