The one who I am never ashamed to call mine.
The one who makes me proud and has never failed me.
The one who I trusted even before I knew what the word meant.
The one who I loved endlessly even before I knew what it meant to love someone.
The one who watched over me every second, every minute of every day as I grew up.
The one who I can always count on without a flicker of doubt.
The one who even though aged, is the most beautiful soul on earth
The one whose heart loves fearlessly.
The one who stands as my biggest victory even though I have lost so many battles in life.
The one whose heart feels my pain even before I do.

The one who bore me out of pain upon pain, yet never complained.
The one who is made up of a whole galaxy of stars.
The one whose words make me feel like I’m unstoppable.
The one whose touch makes me feel like the most cherished person on earth.
The one in whose arms I first felt loved.

The one who was there for me even when I was stubborn.
The who stands by me no matter how much I mess up.
The one from whose eyes I had my first glimpse of the world.
The one from whose tongue I first listened to the glorious Qur’an.
The one who gave up all her time for me, and never complained.
The one who’ll love me unconditionally up until the earth crumbles and beyond.

Dear mother,

You are the one who is my mortal guardian, my very special spell of life.
The sweetest form of human love I have ever known.

I love you.




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