Been waiting for the cry of the innocent one
Since the time of consummation
For another celebration
To welcome a flesh of my flesh
A bone of my bone

Been told to be patient
While running out of it
They said it’s not too late
Enjoy the late night dates
While I pray night and day
For answers in a way

Then, the patience began to fade
With the strength waning behind the veil
And suddenly looking frail
Waiting for the cry of the innocent one

To my Lord, I made a return
For all my sins I sought pardon
To make amends I swore
And cried till eyes were sore

Yet again the period came
Crumbled the hope making the heart ache
With streams of tears trickling down the face
Wishing an end is put to the race

Don’t give up! We were advised
Trust Allah
And your faith, do not compromise
For this delay may be a blessing in disguise
But have I patience to heed the advice?

To heal I went through the annals of history
Looking for those that have felt same misery
Till I stumbled on the life of our mother(Aisha)
Mother of none yet mother of all

She lived without a child but mothered a nation
In her Lord she found repose
Worshiped Him with lots of determination
Under the Messenger, she became a scholar of an entire nation

It’s not too late if there’s life
I’m gonna be hopeful till I die
For your coming I’ll anticipate like that of the messiah
But till then I won’t rest
I shall pray and fast to get you
And if I die without having you
I’d be fulfilled because I tried
And in Jannah if I make it, I’ll have tens of you

Your sister, Abdulsalam Munirat Ozavize

Editor: Umm Naml

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