“The throes of death will come to you in truth, this is what you were trying to escape…” (Qur’an 50 verse 19)

Their wrongs
Your deprivations
Their judgements
Your privileges
Do you think it will all matter?

I swear by God’s Name!
When the throes of death
Engulfs the soul of man
Stripping his being off
Memories of old
Adorning with a cloak
Of hushed helplessness
As he watches his world
Structured in a new mould
On that day will man remember
How his life, he rode
Would not he then begin to ponder?

Surely, in death lies much agonies!
Declared the tongue of Al-Ameen!

For the believer, a consolation;
Welcoming greetings of peace
Glad tidings from a Lord, well pleased
And angels with bright faces, to receive
A soul, good, surrendered,
Seized with such fine ease
Wrapped in shrouds, clean
With lovely fragrance and pure bliss
Awakening a yearning to meet
The Most Exalted Companion
In honour and with joy
Does a believer begin his sojourn

As for him who disbelieved
In the Most Supreme
What will be the deal?
A treat of angelic smacks
On his neck and back
The horror he sees
Announces a humiliation to begin
Deliver your soul
O you evil being!
In panic does it flee
Till it is seized by a forceful grip
Ripped from its flesh
Denied sympathy and respect
Yours will be a torment for eternity…

There are days I wish
I could see a dream
But who will narrate to me
The truth of this mystery?
The one who gave me birth?
Or her, my sister and friend?
Or him, a brother till the end?
Lo! The pangs of this transition
Only obeys a Decree to be felt
And the day I feel the throes of death
I know my pen will never live to tell the story.

Your sister, Fareedah Raji

Editor: Umm Naml

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